The Family Rules: Where Family Is Always First
The Family Rules - Where Family Is Always First


Need advice on parenting, relationships or marriage? Or simply looking for ways to improve your family life? Well, here at the Family Rules we are dedicated to providing all types of content to improve and empower your family. We have been together for over 20 years and continue to learn different ways to strengthen our marriage and family bond. Whether it’s tips, advice, guidance or “family rules” our goal is to help you become the happiest and healthiest family possible! 

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Our Vision

There is NOTHING like family. But sadly, we tend to take it for granted. Big Mistake. But here at The Family Rules we put FAMILY FIRST.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing all types of content to improve and enhance your family.


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The Team

The Family Rules is an initiative by TJ Jackson and Frances Jackson.

We have four children together: Royal (1999), Dee Dee (2008), Jo Jo (2010) and Rio (2015). 

Frances has two adult children from a previous marriage: Sage and Lexci.

TJ is also guardian of Michael Jackson’s children PrinceParis and Bigi.


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Giving back

TJ Jackson is passionate about giving back and social impact, a hallmark of the Jackson family value since his legendary father and uncles and aunts started in the music industry over 50 years ago. TJ launched a couple communities for various purposes.

The first one is the TJ Jackson Official Facebook group to discuss anything regarding TJ's solo journey.

The second is the Dee Dee Jackson Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides music therapy to children. In the weekly Power Of Love Show (since 2016) presented by the Dee Dee Jackson Foundation, TJ and his brother Taj provide hope, resources and a community where they share inspiring stories, interview experts, learn, grow and empower one another to find healing. With DDJF, you are never alone on your journey of hope and healing.

While we all stayed home during the pandemic, TJ, along with his creative partner Omar "Omizzle" Piechurski launched the Facebook group Beyond Words. The purpose of this community and channel was to review and discuss art in its various forms and

primarily through books and movies. TJ and Omar did a series of livestreams to discuss classic and inspirational books or must-watch and creative movies. While interacting and engaging, the guys promoted that educating yourself is an investment you'll never forget.