Hello, How Are You?

Hello, How Are You?

Proper greeting is a skill we should never ignore. I learned from a good friend of mine the power of making a solid greeting, as a kid! You see, where I was a shy boy that tried to avoid eye contact at all costs, my good friend Kevin seemed to be the opposite. At the earliest of age he would look an adult in the eye and say, “Hello, how are you?” Even as a youngster, I was so impressed by Kevin’s 3Cs: Control, Confidence and Courage. He just seemed to master these “adult” traits so easily. As a kid, I wish I had those 3Cs so badly. It wasn’t until I was in my middle teens did I get some of that control, confidence and courage to start being able to greet people in a more welcoming way. And guess what? Immediately I became more likeable, more memorable and more respected. I quickly learned that besides being courteous, a solid and welcoming greeting gives you more confidence, makes you more likeable and it spreads positivity and love around. Now who doesn’t want to spread more love around?

My friend Kevin made such an impact on me that I swore to myself that my kids would overcome any shyness and learn a proper way to greet people. They would need to say, “Hello, how are you?” to anyone they encountered. Sure some of my kids struggle with it more than others but the ones who struggle because of shyness (or the 3Cs) all know how to do it. And as time goes on, they are getting more comfortable doing it. Beautiful.

As parents we have to encourage our kids to greet people the proper way. No excuses. We should push our kids to be more respectful, make eye contact and smile when they are greeting someone. If our kids are asked, “how are you?” teach them to follow up with a returning response of “how are you?” back. Again this is something our kids should be able to do on their own. And not just to family, friends or other familiar faces but literally to ANYONE they meet. This shouldn’t be negotiable. You will help instill control, confidence and courage in your kids as well as make the world a better place at the same time! Now how can you beat that?

I have to close this blog with a special shout out to two loving parents, Kevin’s parents, Suzy and Eric! Without you I may still be avoiding eye contact due to shyness. Much love! ☺


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